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There are few things that are more tragic and confusing for a child, than not knowing where they came from. The Dear Calvin Project is an organization that creates lasting memories of fallen servicemen/women. We do this by locating and contacting colleagues of the fallen, interviewing them about the fallen, and creating a video testimonial/tribute for the gold-star family. Through this action, we wish to accomplish the following goals: 

  • Give the family a life-long lasting documentary about the one they have lost. The children especially will be able to go back to it as many times as they wish, to remember the man/woman they lost. This will mean something different to them every time they watch it, especially over the years. 

  • Provide at least a small amount of closure to the family. It will also provide some closure to the colleagues. Emotions around death, especially for warriors are very difficult to process and for some It is so hard that it never gets addressed. 

  • Create a network of Gold Star families allowing them to get in touch with each other and draw strength and support from the group. 

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